What kind of anticorrosive floor is good

< p > anti-corrosion floor of real wood floor is formed after the drying of wood floor decorative materials, solid wood flooring with pattern of natural, comfortable foot feeling, natural texture, advantages, vigorously promote the awareness of environmental protection today, solid wood flooring is the precious, solid wood floor of the cost is very high, not easy to where temperature changes greatly. Because of its performance and characteristics of the solid wood floor, there is very little use in our outdoor, mostly used in our home decoration.
anticorrosive floor in the solid wood composite material, is from the solid wood floor extends out, with its installation is easy, anti-corrosion and moisture, cheap and other advantages in our use of more extensive than the solid wood floor. Solid wood composite floor is by different species of plate alternately laminated. It overcomes the some of the disadvantages of solid wood flooring, while still retaining the solid wood flooring natural cracks and comfortable texture, are popular with consumers, but in the use of outdoor generally did not adopt a.
anticorrosive floor in the reinforced composite floor, is a new type of anti-corrosion floor, in the last few years has been widely used to open. The structure of the composite floor is composed of four layers, comprising a wear-resistant layer, a decorative layer, a base layer and a balance layer. Composite floor waxing without the use of a wide range of easy care, the use of wood is high rate, good environmental protection materials. There are a lot of use in our life.

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