The difference between PE and PVC WPC WPC

     ① Different Method: Preparation PE WPC products mainly take the cold extrapolation; Preparation of PVC wood products can be divided into vacuum forming, cold extrapolation and three roller suppressed.
     ② Different raw materials: PE WPC materials are mainly two, three PE recycled materials add flour, calcium and a small amount of modifier. PVC wood materials mainly PVC resin powder, PVC recycled materials, wood flour, powder and partially modified the like.
     ③ Different performance: PE WPC product weight, high hardness, brittleness, creep is also large. PVC wood product is light weight, the difference in hardness, toughness, creep, no PE wood Great.
     ④ Different purposes: PE WPC products are mainly outside the main garden construction, green wood such as rails, floor, trash cans, flower beds, trays and the like. PVC wood products are mainly one o'clock indoor decorative materials, such as doors, flooring, baseboard, door pockets, and so on.

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