Wood plastic composite products application in building

People within the industry well-known wood plastic advantages, wide application, especially used for building products, the following talk about [url=http://wpcproductsupplier.com/type.html]wood plastic products [/url]application in building.Wood plastic of the fastest growing market potential is the structure of the functional requirement is not high building products, including industrial floor, composite door window frame, guardrail, landscape materials.
Wood is a big industry branch of plastic doors and Windows profile production.The most commonly used plastic substrate is PVC, but also use other plastic or mixed materials.Although the wood plastic composite material price is higher than PVC, but because of the composite material for the thermal stability, resistance to damp and rigidity, such as performance, has won the favour of people.At the same time, the wood plastic composite surface to make wood grain decorative pattern, is similar to wood doors and Windows of visual effect, not only satisfy the requests of people's senses, and more durable than wood.
Wood plastic products than the preservative compression processing wooden plank price is high, but the small amount of maintenance and require little maintenance, using crack under the condition of reduced outdoor, no drug loss caused by pollution and corrosion failure problem, with high durability.Because of the wood plastic composite has excellent resistance to moisture and dimensional stability, its application in landscape construction, such as tables and chairs, trash, etc.Composite materials products in the application of garden reduces the demand of real wood, at the same time it in processing complicated shape advantage for creation of garden design provides a great space, enables designers to create more beautiful than real wood material unique garden art.To the actual service life of the composite materials products there is controversial, but most of the manufacturers can provide the assurance of ten years

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