The most diverging point I ever did in the path was strolling from Gloomdross

This the first is right on the actual nail. In almost every other MMO I've tried to date, if you didn't wish to accomplish the story, you didn't need to. You could do other activities and still improvement. But because Edge and Soul hair its side as well as daily quests at the rear of completing story missions, you are stuck on a single linear path each time, and there is nearly no reason to explore a location until the online game points you for the reason that Blade & Soul gold

The most diverging point I ever did in the path was strolling from Gloomdross towards the Pinchy Essence Wheel to make use of some essence We mailed from an alt to obtain Stinger early.

There is the Stratus Empire as well as Talus Dominion, and the impact I got to begin with was that the actual Stratus were meant to be the great guys but addled along with corruption, while the Talus appeared flat out evil using their oppression of Brightstone along with other things they had been doing. Then arrive Act 4, the actual Talus aren't truly bad, but still addled along with similar corruption such as the Stratus Empire, compounded by Jinsoyun (ironically, they rebelled in the Stratus because associated with corruption). It feels like there's said to be more, but they simply didn't care enough to place it in.

Then you definitely have things which just leave much more questions then solutions... but I'm digressing.

The closest We ever felt in order to enjoying the story is after i absent mindedly examined the chapter logs within the quest journal, and found that every log contains tales from differing factors of view, sometimes of characters within the game, or simply someone narrating things happening. And that wound up feeling way much more interesting than actively playing the game's tale. That's sad.