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The affluence of all these tasks in actuality comes down to how you like the remotes, which are in actuality the key to interacting with the machines.Boxee Limited (not a Blackberry keyboard)The Boxee limited is small, and imaginatively two-sided. One ancillary is absolute simple, with directional buttons, a selector, a pause/play button and one for the menu. The added ancillary is a tiny keyboard, not clashing some acute phones. Its not in actuality useful, but its way faster than appliance the arrow buttons to baddest belletrist on a awning keyboard (ahem, Apple).The Revue limited isnt in actuality a limited at all; its a abounding keyboard with added functions. Indeed, it even has a babyish blow pad. This makes entering connected usernames and passwords (and eventually URLs) about as simple as animate on your computer, which is ambrosial convenient. OTOH, its a abounding keyboard — about 14 wide. It wont sit calmly on the arm of your Barcalounger (though it allegedly wont get absent in the couch, either).First Use:Both accessories accept a deluge of features, a lot of similar, some absolute audible to the machines and what theyre aggravating to be. About a few things are as accepted as dirt, like cine and music streaming.Both amusement casework like Netflix and Pandora as apps you alpha up in the framework of the machines UI.