The new Redrock kits arise

Redrock Micro makes accessories for cine cameras, and afresh it makes add-ons for the latest movie-shooting SLR-cameras. The latest accession is a ambit of Nano kits which about-face your stills-cam swtor credits into a film-making rig, and they do it on the cheap.SLRs are acutely advised to shoot individual photos, and admission to swtorcreditss the assorted acknowledgment controls is the exceptional consideration.

A cine camera needs to be focused and confused about as you shoot, which is catchy if youre application two calmly just to authority it up.The new Redrock kits arise in three capital flavors: A grip, which is a simple handle that screws into the tripod-mount, a brace of chest braces which let you authority the camera with one duke and focus with the other, and a brace abhorrent kits which put handles on the top and abandon so you can backpack the camera like a attache or an underwater-style rig. The chest rigs arise with eye-pieces for the rear LCD-screen to acquiesce live-view-shooting outside.The prices run from just over $100 to just beneath $500, depending on how abounding rods, grips and pads are blind off the stick-insect structures. This adeptness not complete inexpensive, but in the cher apple of movie-cameras, its an about acclimation bargain.