Ten advantages of the future success WPC flooring

WPC floor, as the name suggests, is a combination of wood and plastic, both to maintain a sense of affinity for solid wood flooring, but also has good moisture-proof water, acid, fungistatic, anti-static, anti-moth properties, is another first for WPC flooring wood floor and cooperation. Use of sawdust, straw, waste plastic and other waste to produce a series of wood-plastic composite materials are gradually entering the field of decoration and building. WPC floor into the building materials industry in a new direction waterproof high environmental protection. As we all know, WPC floor, is just one of our country in recent years popular products, WPC flooring is a new type of environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite products, its waterproof, high environmental protection and other features of the product is based on the market points. WPC floor after entering the domestic market is very much consumer attention, as consumers continue to enhance the awareness of environmental protection, WPC floor flooring market in the future will also become the market mainstream products.

The future direction of development of building materials industry - WPC Flooring

WPC is a new environmentally friendly building materials in recent years, only appeared in foreign countries is just beginning. Wood products used in raw materials and waste plastics available waste wood, straw and other plant fiber as agriculture, forestry base, without any additional harmful ingredients. Re-use and recycled, regarded as environmental protection, energy conservation, resource recycling in the true sense of the new products.
With the people's emphasis on the improvement of environmental resources in waste recycling and comprehensive utilization of resources as the core cycle model of economic development has become the trend of world economic development. Vigorously develop resource recycling technology will have a profound impact on the sustainable development of the national economy and the environment. The use of waste plastic and wood fiber production of wood-plastic composite products is to adapt to this requirement of a good project. As the domestic market is still in its infancy, plastic products in the domestic market is not large scale. Chinese market compared to the North American market, an increase of wood-plastic composites and finished products as well as a large space, in recent years the domestic production is expected to WPC market will be more than one million tons, the output value of over 1 billion yuan, and the formation of new system of wood-plastic composite products.

Future trends: WPC Flooring

For consumers: [url=http://woodplasticcompositefloor.com/]WPC floor[/url] are energy-saving and environment-friendly products, not only good control harmful emissions, but also be able to do so on the ground waterproof.
Designer: WPC floor of this new material, both natural affinity of wood, and a model, a variety of colors to meet the designer novelty, difference of design requirements.
Decorative Company: easy to install, can be significant savings in material costs during the construction, labor costs and cost schedule. Duration advantage can improve the rate of successful project vote, while there are more opportunities to undertake other projects in advance, for enterprises to win more benefits. Product waterproof, moisture, corrosion, deformation characteristics can greatly reduce the cost of maintenance services after the completion of the project.

WPC flooring advantages:

1, workability, and can be nailed, planing, sawing, drilling, surface can be painted.
2, installation is simple, convenient construction, does not require complicated construction process, saving installation time and costs.
3, no cracks, no swelling, no distortion, no maintenance and maintenance, easy to clean, repair and maintenance costs savings late.
4, sound-absorbing effect is good, good energy, indoor saving up to 30%.
5, waterproof, moisture-proof. The fundamental solution of wood products after wet and aquatic environments absorbing moisture perishable, swelling deformation problem, you can use the traditional wood products can not be applied to the environment.
6, pest control, anti-termite, effective way to eliminate insects harassment and prolong life.
7, colorful, many colors to choose from. Both natural wood and wood grain texture, and color can be customized according to their individual needs.
8, plasticity, can be very simple personalized style, fully reflects the personality style.
9, high environmental protection, pollution-free, pollution-free, can be recycled. Product does not contain benzene substance, formaldehyde content of 0.2, lower than the EO-class standards for grading European environmental standards, significant savings can be recycled wood use, national policy for sustainable development for the benefit of society.
10, high fire resistance. Effective flame retardant, fire rating to B1 level, fire self-extinguishing, does not produce any toxic gases.

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