Asphalt Mixing Plant Current Market Environment And Trend Analysis

2006 national transportation construction projects to increase investment in high-speed rail. In the road, despite the large number of highway construction period just past, but since 2007 the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" the first two years, the construction of highway construction project during the climax, new projects have continued to grow, so the demand for asphalt mixing plant maintained a sustained growth. Into provincial and county road network cable reconstruction project is gradually strengthen in the first half of 2006, demand for 2000 following a large SME asphalt mixing plant.
Rapid economic development in the region, and its municipal conservation department began upgrading facilities, asphalt mixing gradually from small to medium-sized development; demand for asphalt mixing plants in remote areas still to small and cheap mixing station based; while large national grade road construction equipment requirements are also more large-scale trend. Since 2004 the country since the implementation of macro-control, businesses have increased export intensity, export momentum is good, Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, the market is gradually opened, there will be an estimated amount of future exports steadily.
Due to the small and medium asphalt mixing plant cost is relatively high, the user selects a class for road maintenance and construction of high-grade, or for the construction of asphalt concrete mixing plant products; Another small asphalt multi-station upgrade users, especially around the current municipal units enterprise restructuring, equipment upgrades, updates more concentrated, most of them choose to locate in 2000 Asphalt station.
Now the country is divided into 3000 users the following categories: The first category is for highways and municipal units to upgrade old equipment, hoping a broader scope of products; second category of users because of the successful projects need to be able to meet the construction requirements of the product ; The third category is mainly rental market users. Since 3000 asphalt mixing plant to meet the requirements of highway construction and various other highway, in terms of scope or from the investment cost, asphalt mixing plants are currently leasing market is the most suitable investment products. Analysis of the scale of investment analysis from the highway, highways and county roads are the focus of this two-year investment of two asphalt mixing plant sales.
3000 asphalt mixing plants and more than 1000 small devices become less demand highlights, medium maintained a steady growth. The highway tenders to meet long, short duration of construction requirements, procurement of equipment in the construction units in 2006 and 2007 reveal a clear chronology of large-scale trend, resulting in 4000 mixing station demand, the manufacturers competition is very fierce. CCCC 4000 West Building mixing equipment for two consecutive years ranked the domestic market first name, after CCCC injection and the new plant is completed, the company believes that there are still large room for development in asphalt mixing equipment.
Although the 2006 and 2007 our asphalt plant has made considerable progress, but the premise is caused by market demand. Therefore, it is easy to imagine when the market imbalance between supply and demand, when the competition will be more fierce. Throughout the industry, is still in the development stage, but sooner or later the market will be like fate, like other developed countries to usher in a period of recession after maturity, it is possible to establish a corporate strategy to meet market demand at different times is long-term survival of the enterprise .
I believe that 2008 will be our asphalt mixing equipment market has the following characteristics:
(1) Users structural changes, shift from road construction in 2005-2006 and medium-sized enterprises SMEs. Of which a large part of the needed equipment upgrades municipal transportation system users and the county road construction companies.
(2) the user requests Bitumen Production Plant products, trends in both directions of development is obvious. One is the requirement of high efficiency, high stability, high quality; One is seeking a simple, practical and cheap. Therefore, the current outstanding personalized products market more competitive enterprises.
(3) consideration of rising oil prices, now more and more users will choose to produce more economical fuel supply asphalt mixing stations.
Changes in the construction process
(4) road, to stir the ingredients and add functionality to the host system suitability requirements are high, the compatibility of the asphalt mixing plant growing.
(5) the momentum of rapid export growth in 2008 as well as statistical information from the industry's export asphalt mixing plant feedback indicates that the Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant is expected in 2008 the export business should be a clear upward trend. The demand of foreign markets asphalt mixing plant configuration are higher than domestic profit margins are relatively high. Recommends that companies should be the next step in their efforts to respond to the domestic market, competition, have targeted foreign markets for suitable asphalt mixing plant products do a good job of planning and reserves.