Analysis of LB500 Asphalt Mixing Plant’s Market Situation

In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s highway construction, asphalt mixing plant’s market also grown up accordingly. At present, a lot of manufacturer of road construction machinery industry are involved in producing asphalt mixing plant at home and abroad. Next, Roady machinery will analysis the asphalt mixing plant’s market situation from the two aspects of market environment and sales status for you.
The one aspect is market environment. In 2006, the investment of high speed railway has increased in the national transportation construction project. In highway construction, the period of building highway in large scale have past, but the demands for LB500 Asphalt Mixing Plant still maintained a sustained growth trend, because the 2007 is the second year of the outline of Eleventh Five-Year Plan. During this period, highway construction projects involved in the plan are enter into a climax, and the new project also continued to increase. In addition, the investments for provincial connection line and the transformation project of country road highway are gradually strengthened, In the areas of rapid economic development, the maintenance facilities of the municipal departments are started to upgrade. At present, the Agregate Asphalt Plant is developing from the small scale to medium scale in these areas. In remote areas, the demands for asphalt mixing plants are still dominated by small scale and low cost, while the large-scale national high grade highway constructions are also turn to the trend for large-scale plants.
The other is asphalt mixing plant’s sales status. From the analysis of the investment scale in highway, country road and highway are the main investment projects over the past few years. The large-scale asphalt mixing plants become a new bright spot of demands, while the medium-sized plants maintained a steady development. However, in order to meet the construction requirements of highway for long section and shorter construction period, the building constructors are willing to purchase large-scale asphalts mixing plants, they have strong demands for large-scale mixing plants, so the market competition of this kind of plants is also very intense.
In conclusion, the large-scale and medium-sized Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Exporter can meet the demands of asphalt mixing plants’ market, as a professional manufacturer of asphalt mixing plant, Roady machinery will be the best choice for you.