Indeed superior environmental performance

The biological glue floor is really greener it? Expert member of China Forestry Industry Association, the State Forestry Administration forest king ... and Inspection Centre (Changchun) director, he said not long ago, just out on the market new soy protein glue floor done testing, its environmental performance is indeed very good, the measured indicators to achieve the E0 class level. This soy protein gel does not contain formaldehyde, so the floor of the production chain no extra formaldehyde. However, due to the wood itself contains formaldehyde, formaldehyde-free floor a little too much to say, except to say do not add formaldehyde in the production process. As modified corn starch iso ... made of plastic, which itself is environmentally friendly. Need to pay attention to environmental protection and more features "No added formaldehyde" floor selling point is environmental protection, in order to meet the high consumer demand for environmentally friendly, but experts have warned that although formaldehyde is not environmentally friendly flooring is an important factor, but not the only source. ... Wang pointed out that in addition to formaldehyde floor pollution, it will also involve harmful substances such as benzene. Some flooring products due to the paint production process is not in place, will lead paint harmful substances toluene and backplane is not completely volatilized. In addition, the installation process, the need to use materials, such as low-cost, is likely to exist problem of excessive formaldehyde density skirting board and plywood. The plastic and aluminum foil to use when bonding pad if failed, will emit cresol, xylenol and other harmful substances. Also pointed out that during the installation process, rubber flooring used mostly special glue, formaldehyde-free, but there are other volatiles, but less than it. Believes that floor "no formaldehyde added," it can be done, if consumers can use in conjunction with their point of need. "After all, after a long period of no practice tests, biological glue floor in the end is how many years can not know." He said. He believes that now pass rate formaldehyde flooring industry mainstream products are high, businesses excessively promote "zero formaldehyde" is not necessary, but the floor is the living room of a product, consumers need to consider the whole room environment.