Flooring industry

Flooring industry so wonderfully frequent promotions, such as a wheel-like staged war, not only so that consumers had a choice numbness and psychological fatigue on the floor product purchases, which also makes the flooring wpc decking business sales into a hardship situation, "not price no promotion, can not sell, "business-to-floor markdowns sales model so that the cycle of use, will eventually consume this mode of long-term vitality and freshness market.
Entered in June, reporters visited several random floor stores, large and small, is the deepest feelings of promotional activities, wave after wave, get together during the holidays is Rush. However, weak sales and the homogenization Hollow Vinyl Decking Material Sale,Patio Hollow Vinyl Decking Material Sale Mauritius of consumer promotional none other dependencies and numbness in market demand, the market appears lively, but in fact frequently cold.Business promotion to increase frequenc Since late last year, the business situation on the market in the first half of 2016 has a bad anticipation, so mustering strength in the first half to take the initiative, scouting alone. "A time of events, promotions patterns and specifications are upgraded." Fierce competition for businesses in marketing also handling skills, fine to internal staff training, for example, consumers will mention what the problem encountered unexpected situations how to deal with pre-sale, sale, sale and how to spot signs placed. these must all be taken into account.