players to Fifa Coins reinforce assault strength

Based on the latest report of, Intel milan intends to introduce French international striker Haller.

Inter striker Icardi's future isn't clear, if one team is prepared to put out 40 million euros for that Argentina striker this summer, then Inter is going to be very likely to let him or her go. If Icardi left, Inter will even in the transfer market search for potential players to reinforce assault strength. It is reported that currently they're interested in 21-year-old youngster Sebastian Haller. He or she and Utrecht's contract to 2019, along with transfer fee about 10 zillion euros.

Haller has excellent technologies, strong body. This season he's represented the team to perform 31 games, scoring 21 objectives and five assists. many teams are concentrating on Fifa Coins the French striker. sincerely invites all of you to buy the cheapest and the fastest FIFA Coins here.