The Using of Baking-free Brick Machine Can Save Cultivated Land and Control Haze

Nowadays, what we talk about often is the haze that covers almost all of China. We have ever felt confused with the word “haze” that firstly appears in our life through media. With the rapid growth of economic development in modern society, it seems to be that having new houses and new cars is not fresh again because most people are becoming rich. However, the punishment that nature brings to us also accompanies. The haze that hides all aspects attacks half of China.
Objectively speaking, there are many reasons responsible for the haze such as all kinds of vehicle exhaust, various pollutants from enterprises and so on. Why we say that the application of baking-free concrete block making machine can save land and manage haze?All of us are familiar with the red brick that is also called clay brick. This kind of brick is made through baking clay which inevitably destroys the balance of human ecological environment and farmland. Besides, it also produces black smoke which is big killer of haze.
Our nation advocates protecting arable land from year to year and bans the production of clay brick. Even though the clay bricks have been used for many years, the quality standards are far from below the quality of baking-free bricks. For instance, the pressure of red bricks only has 6.7Mpa, while the pressure of baking free bricks is above 8Mpa. Another test index is the resistance to freezing and thawing. The red brick is not qualified and the cement brick is very good.
Advocating using baking-free fly ash brick making machine and controlling cultivated land are ways to manage haze. It is not just a slogan, but what is more important is let everybody recognizes the pros and cons of reality and creates a clear sky for future generations.
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