How to Polish Stainless Steel Pipe

Stainless steel pipe doesn't look all shiny and new right off the welding line. In fact, it looks burnt and kind of charred. Polishing it will give it that mirror finish (or satin silver finish) that makes it such an attractive accessory.Stainless Steel Sliting Coil
The standard welding processes TIG, MIG, and stick are all capable of welding carbon steel pipe to stainless steel pipe. Standard carbon E-class welding electrodes like E70 for MIG or 7018 for stick will hold the pipe together, but the weld will be compromised by the lack of chromium and nickel in the alloy. Therefore a high-carbon stainless steel electrode must be used to seal the weld joint. 309 welding electrodes offer the correct composition to ensure that the weld has proper penetration and structural integrity.Stainless Steel Hexagonal Bar
Weld the pipe together. Start the weld on the stainless steel pipe and pull the puddle onto the carbon steel pipe. Roll your MIG gun in a circle to flow the puddle, dropping 1/8th of an inch at each down stroke to create a nice "roll of dimes" weld. Watch the bottom of the weld to ensure proper penetration. If you find that the carbon pipe is under-cutting, reduce the heat on your MIG welder and try again. When reducing the amount of heat fails to reduce the undercut, quicken the up stroke of your circle to pull the heat away from the steel pipe.stainless steel channels and angles suppliers