Jamie Vardy Headbutts Their Old FIFA 16 Card

Jamie Vardy’s statistics have improved about the latest FIFA 16 PS4 points update, and the Leicester Town star had an enjoyable reaction with their old card.

The actual striker, who has already established a nice 2015-2016 period, was invited for an event with several others. FIFA 16 generally releases its game prior to the season starts and most of the new players who're putting up excellent seasons don’t possess accurate stats to complement their numbers. Throughout the first two months from the year, the online game developer updates the actual stats and rosters. Jamie Vardy was some of those players and he or she welcomed the revise by headbutting their old card in the event.

The Leicester City striker didn't have a great rating once the game was launched because his team hadn't started winning as well as taking first devote the EPL. But since the club gets closer and nearer to the title, his rating may be improved. Before the actual update, Vardy had been a 71 ranked player. A 71 is of low quality but no one knew he'd put up a season such as this.

The star striker, who now offers 18 goals within the Premier League, desired to forget about as being a 71 rated participant, so he eliminated his old card inside a funny way.

No one noticed this headbutt arriving but everyone loved the moment as possible hear his teammates the ones in the history laughing. You may also see the striker keeping his new precious metal card, now ranked 75. A four stage upgrade doesn’t seem like much, but it's. FIFA 16 generally gives one, 2 or 3 points to the players who've impressed throughout the growing season. Players like Messi or even Ronaldo usually go up a couple of points when a brand new card is obtainable, so Vardy’s midseason score is solid.

Leicester City happen to be unstoppable this season and may end up getting the league title when they keep playing such as this. The team is actually five fifa 16 coins points in front of second place Tottenham and it has only lost twice in 25 video games. The next game is going to be up against Toolbox, a team that's also five factors back from very first place. They will encounter Norwich City as well as West Brom next.

What do you consider Vardy’s new score? Will Leicester Town win the category? Let us know within the comments.