the organization of production and work

In order to timely research into productivity, the city brick office actively promote the use of the organization of production and work, it has been completed and is currently in Chengdu, Sichuan in new energy-saving can you clean timber tech deck with bleach building materials Co., Ltd., Sichuan Huaxi green house new wall materials Co., multicolored new Qionglai building materials company, Chengdu room wall materials Co., Ltd., Chengdu Leixin Building materials Co., Chengdu City Jun new Building materials Co., Chengdu Jing Ding Machinery Building materials Technology Corporation, Chengdu Ake too new Building materials Co., and a number in line with the development requirements of industry self insulation new wall materials production enterprises. At the same time, in Chengdu "beautiful oriental", "Shu Du Hui Park," "West Yazhu", "energy-saving New Times Square", "Lin Jundian grid" and other projects completed millions of square meters of demonstration projects organized related technical training and exchange activities to promote the application site, and promotion efforts influence is constantly increasing, and achieved good social, economic and environmental benefits. At the same time, give full play to building energy-saving wall materials innovation and improve the quality of the living environment in rural areas of the role of the Office of the lead in rural construction carried out from the application of new wall materials insulation pilot demonstration to promote the application of new wall materials from insulation step by step to promote energy-efficient buildings, and strive to explore the promotion of rural development in energy-efficient buildings "Chengdu model." Pixian Andhra town wooden replacement slats for park benches spring village organization declared its No. 2 spot demonstration of new rural communities and residents Youzha Rural Ma Iwamura Qionglai rallying point for building energy efficiency demonstration projects in rural areas, was included in the Chinese government and the United Nations "energy saving building brick and Rural market transformation "9 + 2 demonstration projects and energy efficient building demonstration projects in rural areas of Chengdu. Currently these two projects have been implemented.