the basic material

Wall materials in housing construction is the basic material. Its role is load-bearing, thermal insulation, sound insulation, dividing the space. Current production and application of wall materials in profound changes, making the transition from traditional materials and production techniques to meet modern social policy, modern science and technology, the development of the national economy up. Specifically, the former protecting farmland modern wall materials development, and utilization of industrial and agricultural wastes life; Save energy, reduce the load of the building; Construction of facilities, expansion of building effective use of space. But the most important is energy efficiency and the use of industrial waste materials in a high-performance wall materials. Wall materials according to their material shape divided into two categories, namely block material class (including bricks and blocks) and plate type (including press material properties into cement, gypsum, aerated concrete, metal, wood fiber class fiber and herbs). According to which the construction site is divided into Outer wall material, interior wall materials, wall materials, load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls or materials; and panels, decorative panels. Buildings need exactly what kind of wall materials used? First of all, you should meet the wall of the physical and mechanical and chemical properties, to meet the functional requirements of the building's load-bearing properties, insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation. moisture-proof, durable (including antifreeze) ; in addition, the requirements of light weight, easy to install and easy to industrialize construction, decorative; easy and building other material compatibility, easy to fit with the other structures and the like. Also, depending on the following factors: local economic development conditions; Article gang of local resources, including natural resources, industrial supply, efficient insulation material in order to form the source of high-performance composite wall drain its price; historical conditions and local residents living habits; meteorological geography Article gang of cold and hot weather, the earthquake zone, the typhoon areas, environmental erosion and other regions.