information resources

Now the stone business, for all sales and service. On sales model is concerned, it is nothing more than direct sales and distribution. To direct, for example, actively seeking cooperation with the real estate business, quick, but the share of small, open stores face over the expected effect of the market, but the presence of inadequate funding and management. In contrast distribution, it seems to have a mature choice stone business community generally recognized. When a hard look at the stone distribution agency, still find unique backyards decks material for sale in uk this or that problem, such as feedback lag, management can not implement. First, the market information feedback is not timely or perfunctory, resulting in stone business can not be the first time the collection, sorting out the accurate and useful business information. Market under the current economic system can be described as changing, slightly later information will lose business to competitors. Enterprise access to information resources on even if only a step slower, most also have varying degrees of domino effect. Because we understand this, the board, who can not afford to slow. Second, the publicity and the new sample is lagging behind. Stone companies invest a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to engage in research and development to introduce new products, naturally expect to market as soon as possible after the first rally by the city; while auto market direction and based cost of composite decking material in alberta on consideration of profit maximization often choose to defer display new products. New product prices are generally higher, the market reaction is more slow, for dealers, the slow-selling product means his booth as soon as a new alternative, a short time and can not quickly capture the market, outweigh the benefits. One side is the strategic layout of the stone business needs, while the dealer profit but as an indicator. Businessman profit, is justified, but in the long run, after all, is difficult to get rid of the dilemma.