rural economy" key project

"The new building materials research and development of rural economy" key project implemented by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, arrange national funds allocated 2,492 million. Recently, the project organizational units held in Xiamen City project work conference on research progress and future work plan summarizes the system, the exchange of experience in the subject, and on rural housing suitable materials research and development strategy in the discussion. The project for the rural architecture with multi-story masonry and concrete structure and the relative concentration of the main features to meet the "building energy efficiency and green buildings" and "protection of environmental quality in rural ecological living" to the principle of economy,.energy, environmental protection, Lee Waste, beautiful as the goal, combined with rural development needs and characteristics of rural resources, from practical, matching and standardization start, focused on the development of rural economy masonry wall construction materials, economical construction wallboard, Cheap wall insulation materials, economic roofing materials, cheap decoration materials, new building materials using standard system of rural economy and material certification system, designed to establish suitable for China, with enterprises as the mainstay, market-oriented, combining production, research and development, production, engineering, performance testing and certification as one of the new rural economic construction materials and technology innovation system and industrial base series products provide effective technical support and cost-effective building materials for rural housing construction. Using solid waste and industrial tailings developed three types of self-insulation wall masonry materials, that the pore structure of lightweight materials Cadogan row from insulation block (brick), highly efficient insulation material is inserted inside the hole since the insulation block (brick) composite structure since insulation block (brick), to meet the different climatic zones of the building energy requirements. Such as fly ash, bottom slag as the main raw materials to produce 5 rows of holes 190mm thick ash saving building block, masonry heat transfer coefficient is less than 0.90W / (m2K), its thermal performance to meet the cold winter and hot summer EEB (warm) region 65 percent requirement, the direct use of fly ash brick masonry walls energy-efficient buildings, no longer need exterior insulation system to improve the service life of buildings, significantly reducing the construction cost.