the current situation

For the current situation and problems of the current development of China's foreign wall insulation industry, some industry insiders, from their point of view, talk about their own views and make recommendations. "The proposal to seize the current development is an important issue in our country exterior insulation industry, makes sense." After the committee has learned Gong Shiping proposal for research and promotion of the inorganic wall insulation materials, wall saving experts, China noise insulation Materials Association, former vice president Zhang Dexin seemed white flooring Norway very excited. EEB, the wall insulation is an important part. It is understood that China's current building insulation system is used in about 70% of external insulation system. Therefore, exterior insulation in many countries around the world in recent years become the focus of building energy efficiency. The current exterior insulation materials are mainly divided into two kinds of organic and inorganic. Now China is widely used in molded polystyrene foam (EPS), extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) and polyurethane foam and other organic polymer materials, mainly organic exterior insulation material. "Good insulation properties of these materials, the production process is very mature, and construction is also convenient." Zhang Dexin said, now use more foreign inorganic exterior insulation materials include glass wool, rock wool slag wool products, they also have insulation insulation and fire retardant, raw materials for a variety of slag, green. "In fact, I think organic, inorganic material insulating effect can not be much worse, but the cause exterior insulation inorganic and organic materials less exterior insulation material become an important cause of the Ministry of Construction recommended new energy-saving building materials is the former product quality varies greatly, achieve their energy-saving insulation effect. "Zhang Dexin said. There sympathize paint department manager Beijing-licensing of building materials limited liability company WANG. This brand of the Chinese enterprises in 2007, the outer wall insulation products in organic predominant. After "A few years ago, the exterior insulation industry has entered a rapid development period, some enterprises perlite made of poor quality inorganic exterior insulation outdoor porch decking Hong Kong material mixed with ordinary cement mortar expansion, the energy saving effect can only meet the national first stage 30% of building energy-saving target, and now the third phase of 65% energy saving target is in full swing. "Zhang Dexin said, do not regulate the operation inorganic exterior insulation materials production enterprises to cut corners, the production process and construction unit of immaturity affect inorganic insulation materials exterior applications.