building wall insulation market

In another four months, building wall insulation market reach B2 level of the enterprise or fire safety standards will be shut out of the market, 80 percent have reached the B2 level of fire safety standards companies will also face a test upgrade or delisting.
Since September 2009 the Ministry of Housing and Urban jointly issued "civil insulation systems and external decorative fire Interim Provisions" (hereinafter referred to as the "Interim Provisions") since, wall insulation waterproof membrane sheets for floors industry shock obviously, this provision so that the fire of building insulation system requirements to enhance the overall level of 1: Civil combustion performance of insulation materials should be Class A and should not be less than the B2 level. At the same time, increase the setting of mandatory firebreak.
Housing and Urban and Rural Construction Policy Research Center researcher Liu Bo believes that the "Interim Provisions" for the new, under construction and put into use in building insulation system design, construction and management to provide guidance to improve the building fire safety level, effectively curb outside the building insulation system fire accidents with far-reaching significance.
It is understood that the "Interim Provisions" a trial period of one year, to September 25 this year, "Interim Provisions" trial expires, the relevant departments will be reported with the competent authorities in the year after feedback from the parties, the competent departments audited again and issued a formal implementation of the provisions, when China or wall insulation industry will usher in a more large-scale reshuffle. Meanwhile, the "Interim Provisions" of the many requests, the objective is also to domestic fire safety building insulation system raised new issues.
Reshuffle is inevitable
"The whole wall insulation industry will face an unprecedented reshuffle, some prior art system will be eliminated." Engaged in fire experiment Beijing-profit high-tech companytongue and grove porch flooring prices Indonesia head of marketing, Miss Song told reporters, "such as by" Interim Provisions "provides thin plaster approach will be excluded from the market, aluminum composite insulation board industry will also suffer a devastating blow."
Now China is the largest producer and the largest consumer of APCP, but with the improvement of the fire protection requirements of the world, APCP never did fire retardant B grade. However, with the "Interim Provisions" of class B flame will soon be eliminated, so many companies and research institutes have developed fire class A2 aluminum composite panel.
A2-fire has been able to produce aluminum composite panels Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. to automatically think, "Interim Provisions" is unprecedented in terms of its opportunities, the company insider said: "From the future development trend, A2 grade fireproof aluminum composite panels will replace APCP become the latest a building material, but China's current annual sales of about 300 million square meters APCP, this is a huge market. "