the protective layer material

Select the protective layer material: As the high-strength cement mortar, shrink large deformation flexible enough, directly outside the insulation, poor weather and cause cracking. To solve this problem, you must use a dedicated and supported by reasonable cracking mortar reinforcing mesh, and adding an appropriate amount of fiber in the mortar. 4) no cavity structure to improve system stability: In using polystyrene board as external insulation design, the insulation layer is mainly exposed to gravity and wind pressure, due to the strength of polystyrene board, so that the insulation layer cracking, or even fall off. In order to increase the strength of the insulation board should be possible to design outside wood floor improve the bond area, cavity-free, in order to meet the requirements of wind pressure damage. 3 Make sure the working environment and meet code requirements: Stratified according to the rules of construction work, avoid winter and rain during construction, construction environment temperature not lower than 5 ℃, wind less than five. Building's exterior wall construction method is emerging in recent years, due to the internal insulation, insulation and other methods mixing defects in design, we recommend the use of external insulation, and step by step in accordance with the principle of gradual, flexible release stress, choice of materials and construction methods, in order to to achieve the purpose of insulation cracking. Development and innovation in energy-saving materials external wall insulation technology are inextricably linked, building energy efficiency must be premised on the development of new energy-saving materials, must have sufficient thermal insulation materials for the foundation. Development of energy-saving materials and must be combined with external wall insulation technology, in order to upvc patio floors for veranda truly play its role. It is precisely because innovation energy-saving materials, wall insulation technology superiority was growing people's attention. Therefore, to promote external insulation technology, to strengthen the development and utilization of new energy-saving materials, thus truly EEB.