Rigid polyurethane foam

Rigid polyurethane foam used in roofing projects, can also play a role in water from the insulation. In all building insulation materials, foamed polyurethane is one of the lowest thermal conductivity. Its performance characteristics, the internal structure of the sealing rate ≥92%, smooth film layer formed on the surface of the foam, the obturator rate close to 100%, with a high hydrophobic; density compression 40kg / m3 when Strength> 1.5mpa; have a certain flexibility, elongation of 10%; for metal, concrete, masonry, wood, glass has good cohesiveness. Its use of custom 2x4 landscape edging Mexico features as: Rigid foam polyurethane spray foam and on-site composite panels in two ways. Using two-component injection foaming at the confluence of the injection, immediately reacted foamed polyurethane, this method can be used extensively for foamed. In the case of unsuitable foamed, the available prefabricated composite panels, the gap between the plates filled with foam foam gun available, the effect is also very good.
Use: rigid polyurethane foam can be used in a variety of roofing project. Its use is primarily grassroots cast concrete panels, precast concrete panels and cement mortar layer. There are separate foamed polyurethane, both as a waterproof layer, but also as an insulation layer; some as one of a waterproof layer, but it is also insulation, and waterproofing membrane or composite waterproof coating; also useful for waterproof coatings, waterproofing membrane, foamed polyurethane material together three kinds of waterproof insulation composite formation. Sloping roof on a grass-roots approach is mainly concrete foam, then it hang in watts. A fundamental solution to the flat roof insulation problem is the use of rigid foam polyurethane roofing structure is designed with structure to find the slope, especially in-situ concrete roofing. Polycarbonate is a good architectural decoration and roofing materials have been used in the country in recent years many large public buildings and public facilities. Its performance wood exterior wall price characteristics, the thickness is 1mm ~ 8mm, size can be ruled according to need. Polycarbonate plate divided into single plate and double plate. A lightweight, high strength, impact resistance, not broken, color variety, waterproof, heat, light, sound insulation, fire-retardant, anti-UV, anti-infrared, can be bent without heating, easy operation, construction civilization, site clean and so on.
Use: it can be used for the roofs of buildings, interior and exterior shelters roof, walls, partitions, walls and other projects, and greenhouses, public telephone booths, billboards, light boxes and display layout and other facilities.Waterproof roof insulation is made from precast plant in waterproof roof, plate surface can be sprayed colored paint. This plate is made of steel rim rib and waterproof layer, insulation layer and the fiber or steel components.
Use: one for the use of the roof truss (steel truss structure and other small span steel roof trusses supporting the use of); the other for large-span roof (> 4m) and supporting the use of steel roof trusses. Board to multi-direction (from waterproof to water, decorative, functional combination), waterproof material direction of the composite waterproofing technology development (a combination of different materials, such as color plates and glass), roof form to complicate the development and extension .