Floor maintenance methods

1, solid wood flooring - first with a mop to remove surface dirt floor, then in accordance with the degree of dirt cleaners and floor ratio explanation, diluted in a bucket of water amount, and the wet mop, face toward the door of the room direction mopping. Note, however, to try to wring the mop to prevent excess moisture from penetrating into the wood floor in the layer, causing mildew, rot. If you want to keep the shiny wood floors, consider then a layer of wood floor wax, but pay attention to dry and then wax the floor, etc., to avoid the emergence of wax can not be completely attached to the white spot.
2, laminate flooring - Strengthening maintenance is much simpler than solid wood flooring wood floor to be. When cleaning the floor, to keep the floor dry, do not rinse with plenty of water, local long-term care to avoid floor flooding. Choose for cleaning stains neutral detergent treatment, avoid direct sunlight, rain, moisture and the like. In addition, attention to indoor ventilation, keep the indoor temperature also help extend the life of the floor. Laminate flooring does not need painting and waxing, with solid wood flooring different, do not use sandpaper polished.
3, wood flooring - parquet wood floor with respect to the maintenance easier. Keep the floor dry, clean and without dripping mop mop the floor, not alkaline, soapy water and wipe can effectively protect the floor. If the air in your home dry, wet mop may be some or put a pot of water in the heating, humidification humidifier can also be used. Try to avoid sun exposure, in order to avoid premature aging of the paint surface in the long-term UV exposure and cracking. Local board accidentally contaminated stains should be promptly removed. If oil, can be used cloth dipped in warm water to scrub stick a small amount of detergent. If drugs or pigments must bleed at the end of the previous stains such as wood surface to be cleared.
Floor to avoid prolonged contact with water, especially not in contact with hot water, once the water hits the floor, should be promptly wiped away. The best play once every three months waxes, stains before waxing the floor surface to be cleaned, often waxing can keep the floor finish to extend the life of the floor. Avoid sharp objects to scratch the ground, do not put too hot things on the floor, try to avoid dragging heavy furniture.
In addition, wood flooring afraid of sun exposure. Many cases occur from the seam floor in the balcony on the edge or edge of the window. Exposure may also lead paint blistering, discoloration, or even fall off and so on. After being felled timber still has some characteristics of a living body, so in the treatment of the floor should be a little careful and thoughtful.
Place wood floor installed must be someone to stay, if it can not stay away, then also keep the ventilation and heat dissipation. Try not to blow air conditioning against the floor, feeling indoor drying can be properly humidified. Out should pull the curtains to avoid direct sunlight floor.
4, stone floor - natural stone floors due to a natural water absorption, so the need to select a pure pigment pollution neutral detergent, try to avoid direct contact with the surface of acid chemicals. Granite or terrazzo plate surface can be rinsed with water, but the best marble slab surface dry drag, even when wet water spray or brush should not drag. As for the tiles, glass fossils artificial stone floor, if a small amount of water stains or stains can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a small amount of detergent.
5, vinyl - plastic flooring avoid water, detergent, water and glial easy from a chemical reaction, causing the floor surface degumming or tilt phenomenon, we should not have a lot of water, especially hot water mop. It appeared stained with ink, soup, oil stains, generally wipe with diluted soapy water, as also wipe dirty, gently wipe can also be a small amount of gasoline, until the stain removed.
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