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form various angular relationships with one another nike roshe run black mens , usingthe Sun (or Earth) as the center. These are called aspects.The most po[censored] r aspects result from dividing the circle bynumbers like 1, 2, 3, 4, resulting in aspects such as theconjunction (0 degrees), opposition (180 degrees), trine(120 degrees), square (90 degrees), and so forth. When twoplanets form an aspect with one another, their energies andnatures are said to combine and work in harmony or discord.For example, when two planets are exactly on opposite sidesof the Sun (Earth), they are in opposition.The most po[censored] r aspects can be divided into three maincategories:The "emphatic" aspects: The emphatic aspects are thosethat emphasize or align two planetary energies with oneanother.Conjunction (0 degrees) Two planets at the same point inthe zodiac are said to be in conjunction. Their natures arefused or blended into one.Opposition (180 degrees) Two planets at opposite sides ofthe zodiac. The energies are in alignment with each other.They can pull together or apart, depending upon the natureof the planets involved.The "hard" aspects: square (90 degrees) and semi-square (45degrees). These represent challenge, obstacles, andsubstance. They provide meat and potatoes in our life. Toomany can block or obstruct the life flow, yet too few cancause life to be weak or thin.The "soft" aspects: trine (120 degrees) and sextile (60degrees) The soft aspects bring ease, clarity, and visionto our lives. We can see, grasp, and understand what ishappening. Too few of the soft aspects means we don't knowwhat we are doing or what is happening in our lives, whiletoo many soft aspects make for a life that runs cool, isoverly mental, and lacking in substance."Exact" aspects and aspect's "orbs" Aspects betweenplanets gradually form, become exact nike roshe run black womens , and separate. When anaspect is exact, it has its greatest impact. Yet, theeffect of most aspects can be felt for some time before andafter the moment when it is exact. The range within whichan aspect is in operation is called its "orb of influence,"or simply its orb. An orb of one or two degrees of arc oneither side of the exact aspect is considered a close ortight orb, while an orb of 10 degrees is loose.Also worthy of consideration when looking at aspects arethe planets involved. Aspects to the Sun and Moon (thelights) are most important, followed by the planetaryaspects involving Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. If your natal chart has anaccurate birth time, then aspects to the chart angles(ascendant and midheaven) are also important. Theparticular combination can make a difference too. Aspectsbetween planets such as Saturn and Mars (traditionalmalefics) are obviously more potentially explosive than thesame aspect between Venus and Jupiter (traditionalbenefics).The PlanetsIn astrology, the larger life of our solar system as awhole tells us something about our own personal Earth life.The interplay and relationship of the planets with oneanother as they circle the Sun is carefully studied. Ofparticular interest to astrologers are the Sun, the Moon,and the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. These are the celestial bodiesused most often by modern astrologers for natalinterpretation. Each of these planets represents or refersto a part of our life and self. Here are some of theconcepts and key words associated with each planet:Sun. The heart and center of it all. The father nike roshe run women sale , guru,teacher or figure of authority. Anyone older or living inan experience more disciplined than our own. That which welook up to and receive light from. That which we maybecome.Moon. Our surroundings, the environment out of which wecame. Our past and childhood. Our formative years and self.The background. That out of which we emerged.Mercury. Communication at light speed. Linkage. Thought.Ideas. The light of the mind. Logos, direct voice.Venus. How we respond, appreciate, cherish or valuesomething. The way we love. Love, but not attraction.Compassion.Mars. Energy. What drives or moves us. Our emotions. Urgeto unify or become one, therefore yoga, union, or marriage.Jupiter. The way through or on. Continuing, continuity,succession, success. The pathfinder or lamp through thetrials of time. Luck. 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