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Sure, Messi has his father running his business, cheapest fifa 16 coins but Messi isn’t going to divorce his dad — Alves divorced his wife and then handed her the reins to his career chariot. Who does that? Dani Freakin’ Alves does that. He’s either a fire god or a head case, but it’s probably about time we trusted him not just on his personal life, but on his career as a whole.

Alves is a frenetic greyhound, hipster, father, ex husband, teammate, bad-but-constant singer, but he is still a human being doing human being things. I wonder if Dani Alves, born in Juazeiro, Bahia to a farming family, finds his position in life surprising. Not because of talent, of which he obviously has buckets, or workload, of which he obviously has a 30-pack of buckets, but simply because of the weight of numbers against him, because he was born thousands of miles from where he’s making his living. He is not the flamboyant, makes-it-look-too-easy player that many of us think of when we think of Brazilian footballers — Ronaldinho, Neymar — so the fact that he plays into both the joga bonito and the box-to-box athlete conversations has left a lot of commenters unsure of his role, his legacy, and his influence. Is he an attack-minded fullback? Is he a defense-minded right winger? Pilloried for his occasional wayward cross that more often than not simply had no one on the receiving end and then called the greatest right back in the world when similar efforts were buried in the back of the net, Dani Alves the player is at once divisive and conciliatory.