November? No problem

"In today's world, which was organized by a country that did not know, and I have some doubts, because it is not easy, because many people in the city and have to move as smoothly. But in the case of a country I know that Qatar, I know they can not solve all problems. I am lucky that people needed to know the top of the project, I know all details will be taken care of, too. There is also other shortcut for you: fifa coins for sale.

"It gives the world a unique opportunity. In my country, it was possible in 1930, but it was another world. In 2022, two or three games at the stadium to see the same day is fantastic, and a chance one for fans football ".

Fossati a growing number of soccer players and experts believe a World Cup in the middle of the season to lead to better performance in the game also joined. "The World Cup is the biggest event in football, and players have the best conditions to play," he said.

"Anyone who knows football knows that a player is never a better time end of the season. He will come with his last effort. In the middle of the season, he'll be in great shape, so you can hold the Cup World in November and December 2022 the tournament given the greater advance of a host country, there should be no fixed date, and must have the ability to choose when it's ready ".

Now in charge of the traditional giants Al Rayyan of Qatar, who is preparing his team for the start of the new Qatar Stars League, and has at its disposal a talented team who gladly accepted by former Espanyol striker Sergio Garcia.

"I think the expectations of the fans of Al Rayyan are high, it makes sense, because they have the mentality of a great club. It's good to have this mentality. We will do our best, it is our duty, and that's what you do when football as a passion that I still feel. Everything is possible, nothing is impossible. But we will take the time and work hard to achieve our goals. Now the big challenge Rayyan start from the beginning. We want to finish in the top four this year. "

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