Days of the grid to heat the floor

March 19, the day the grid to heat the floor super shopping guide training Jinan Station successful conclusion. The event is the day of the Year of the Goat grid

super shopping guide training starts, is the new teaching materials for the first time, get the majority of the warm days of the grid dealer support, service personnel

are encouraged to register to participate in the relevant area, and achieved good Training results.
Days of the grid has always been to standardize services and standardized parts, high standard materials used for industry praiseworthy. After January 27, 2015,

"La manifesto" published days of the grid to heat the floor again to install the service standard wood to heat the floor to a whole new level. The training

is "La manifesto" was signed after the release of their first training, coupled with the venue located in the industry known for high-quality services in

Jinan, Shandong, therefore the more patio flooring ideas
Days of the grid area in Shandong Korea South Korea into the overall lead, adhere to the "sales kick, kick serve, feet and try to step forward," the

service concept, to create a truthful answer consumer questions from pre-for Consumers do home improvement consultant; sales tracking, to ensure standardization of the

quality of the installation; then aftermarket create a user profile, to provide professional floor visits, a set of solid wood to heat the floor maintenance

consultancy services, nanny service system, and has been insisting since, We repeatedly praised by consumers. "Ingenuity service" Content-day grid to heat

the floor, but also learned a lot of reference to the Jinan service experience came. So day grid Jinan area, all days of the grid is not only to learn from the dealer,

also known as the industry-wide service way to build a patio
Therefore, in this study a three-day training, in addition to evolution as the way to play the first few award, days of the grid floor geothermal technology

popularization specifications, product knowledge, combined with the protection of consumers' rights during 315 achievements, and strive groups Purchasing Guide outside

knowledge can accurately convey to consumers the real, but also specifically invited to the service industry star Han always went to the site, about his "sincere

win recognition, sincerity moving customers' personal experience for all students. Allow students a profound understanding of good service from the correct values,

sincere bully, support Reciprocity, consumers can truly harvest, which is more than enough for what shopping guide skills.
backyard picnic shelter ideas
Starting in 2014, the terminal for standardized training of staff to become the new normal day grid to heat the floor work. Taught by roving super shopping guide

training, days of the grid will be a comprehensive, in-depth implementation of the "integrity shopping guide, installation quality, professional care" and

"ingenuity service" principle in the dealer group, to ensure that consumers get the real product information and enjoyable shopping experience , so that each

consumer profound experience to bring the grid by day "with a temperature of love." Learn-day grid geothermal flooring brands please click